Kirsten Burke

Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering

Kirsten Burke is one of the leading lettering artists working in the UK today. Maybe you’ve seen her vibrant creations adorning a wall at a museum, gracing a beautiful wedding invitation, or capturing the spirit of the moment on a greetings card.

When most people think of calligraphy, they imagine a formal, restrained style of hand lettering. But Kirsten’s modern take on the traditional scribal art lends an edgy, urban twist to the words, allowing them to whisper, sing or shout. 

Tucked away in the leafy countryside, our stunning studios are opened for workshops, so that you too can learn the magic of hand lettering.

I loved the evening class and it was wonderful to be able to have a taster session that fitted around working hours. I was a bit anxious being a left hander, and not having used ink much in the past. The various steps you took us through, together with your tuition made it a really enjoyable experience. I admit to being rather proud of the results! I felt that the class, and the starter pack that I subsequently purchased were both excellent value for money. The venue was great, it had a lovely aura and your warm welcome with wine and nibbles was a really lovely touch. DP

 Rewriting the Script