Calligraphy Starter Kit

Calligraphy Starter Kit


Perfect for every budding calligrapher. This box of tricks will set you off on the path of beautiful calligraphy.  There are styles to trace, a pen nib and holder, ink and lesson sheets- it even has tags, cards with envelopes and place cards to use for your own projects.

Box Ingredients :

1 pen holder

a pot of black ink 

2 types of pointed nib: Brause EF66 and Leonardt 30 (these nibs as they are quite different, Leonardt 30 is fine and flexible, Brause EF66- more of a general nib and great for beginners. This will give you a chance to find out what kind of nib suits you)

8 white placecards 

3 x folded cards with envelopes ready for your beautiful lettering designs

3 x postcards with pretty borders with envelopes awaiting your calligraphy 

8 pretty luggage tags

an alphabet template

guide sheets

lessons on how to use a dip pen & how to start creating your very own beautiful lettering

tips & tricks guide

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