Calligraphy for Christmas

This book contains seven projects to work through, starting with the basic principles of hand lettering and gradually teaching you different techniques, allowing you to have the confidence to start to develop your own style. You will gain a real understanding of letterforms, so that by the end of the book you will be well on your way to mastering this rewarding and absorbing skill.

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Modern calligraphy practice pad

It’s not always easy to find time to yourself, to be quiet and at peace. We are all aware that doing it is good for us, so why don’t we be like a cat and relax?!! Doing calligraphy forces you to totally switch off, you become utterly absorbed in what you are working on that can think of nothing else. We promise you, if a cat nap isn’t quite your style, try some modern calligraphy instead.

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Kirri CasaliComment
Kirsten Burke Sailor Pen is here!

This dual tip brush pen has two brushes - one small and one large, so you can create different sized brush lettering with the turn of a pen! Both ends have a rich black tone which is permanent, so won’t run or smudge. Just pop your pen into your bag and you’re ready to practice your lettering skills anywhere, whether you want to work large or small - perfect for travelling!

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