World Calligraphy Day

Let's celebrate hand lettering and calligraphy.



It is the first ever World Calligraphy day today. It’s so exciting how popular calligraphy has become, and I’m so pleased that calligraphy is being recognised with it's very own day!! I've been a calligrapher for a long time now and never has there been so much interest in it, it's fantastic. People really enjoy seeing calligraphy everywhere now, and it has meant more and more of you want to learn it for yourselves. The amazing thing about running workshops is that you get to see first hand how absorbing and rewarding calligraphy is. It even has health benefits, helping with stress reduction. It is a art that doesn't require you to be 'artistic', calligraphy is open to all to learn. With the basic rules under your belt and practice, you can become a calligrapher. That and the new 'modern' style of calligraphy are the key to new found popularity of calligraphy and this special day to celebrate it.


world calligraphy day

Celebrate World Calligraphy Day with Manuscript Pen Company

If you are in the Birmingham area take the opportunity to celebrate the art of calligraphy and hand lettering in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Hosting the event, the Pen Museum welcomes Manuscript and a whole host of world renowned creative artists to celebrate calligraphy and hand lettering trends. Whether you are an expert, a beginner who’s just getting started or simply an admirer of beautiful writing, they are running lots of free events.

Kirsten Burke's Book is coming soon

It has been a busy year for us at the studio too, our Calligraphy Workshops have proved to be extremely popular with demand for more courses ever increasing! Our Calligraphy kits are flying off the shelves at such a speed that we have now started to develop a new range of kits! There is no mistaking that doing calligraphy has never been more desirable. Most excitingly of all is that I was asked to write a book teaching Calligraphy! It was such a fantastic experience and I’m so proud of the end product! The book 'The Secrets of Modern Calligraphy' will be launched and on the shelves on November 5th!! If you would like to be first to own it, you can pre order your copy from Waterstones.

 Kirtsen Burke's Secret of Modern Calligraphy

Kirtsen Burke's Secret of Modern Calligraphy


With World Calligraphy Day today, I eally want to take this opportunity to thank everybody for all their support. Everyone who has attended our workshops, bought one of our kits, visited us on the Art Trail and left wonderful messages on our social media….. A very big and heart felt THANK YOU!