Learn Calligraphy

We all love the sense of peace that working with our hands gives us. Add to that the stunning results you achieve with our friendly, clear and creative tuition, it is no wonder workshops sell out so quickly! Whether it’s Kirsten or Maisie running the class, you will receive lots of 'one on one' time, as well as inspiring and enlightening group demonstrations. Both tutors pack the class full of tips and expert knowledge, as they follow a carefully structured lesson plan.

Demonstrations & guided exercises

Throughout the workshops, your tutor demonstrates to the group, making sure everyone understands how to create beautiful lettering. The class is structured, with exercises to help you gradually gain pen or brush control. It will finish with you designing your own piece of calligraphy, to take away and impress your friends.

Brush or Pen Calligraphy?

If you aren't sure of the difference between modern dip pen and brush pen calligraphy, and so not sure which workshop to choose, then here is a summary. Dip pen calligraphy is done with a pointed nib, it is perfect for creating fine, delicate work.

Brush pen is much quicker to pick up, and is better if you like free, larger sized hand lettering. It can be more expressive and it gives a more casual style.

Left handers, complete beginners and children…

There is no need to worry about whether you will be able to do calligraphy. Even left-handers who have never tried hand lettering before come away from the workshops amazed at what they have achieved. Children from the age of 9 get a huge amount from this simple and rewarding craft, we make the family workshops fulll of glitter and simple guides to follow, so book your place now

Calligraphy workshops are a wonderful way to spend time as a family. Young and old can learn how to create lovely lettering with a dip pen, or with brush pens. Girls and boys become totally engrossed, and it's lovely to see them giving their parents a few tips on how to improve!

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