Our dedicated team here at The Modern Calligraphy Co. manage over 50 calligraphers nationwide. With Kirsten Burke at our helm, we are able to fulfil any lettering requirement for you. We provide calligraphy for branding, sampling, merchandising and live event work alongside beautiful commissioned artworks for corporate and private clients.


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If you’d like to give calligraphy a go we also run workshops from our HQ in leafy Birdham and other locations nationally, as well as bespoke hen party packages and more!

The workshops give you lots of 'one on one' time, as well as inspiring and enlightening group demonstrations. All our workshops are friendly, fun and informal.




Jill Hembling

Jill has a vast and varied business management background. She has used this knowledge to build and grow The Modern Calligraphy Co. brand. It is Jill's energy and enthusiasm that drives the team to ensure that every job is met with the highest level of efficiency and professionalism.


Kirsten Burke

A world-renowned calligraphic artist working with leading luxury brands. As founder and creative director of The Modern Calligraphy Company she aims to inspire beginners, enthusiasts and professionals to continue to develop their calligraphy skills and their passion for lettering.


Maisie Minett

Maisie works under Kirsten’s wing, creating calligraphy for the vast and various jobs that come into the studio. She also runs our calligraphy workshops. Maisie has trained all our workshop teachers in the Modern Calligraphy Co teaching method, so now you can learn from us, where ever you live!


Amanda Terry

Originally a fashion designer, Amanda looks after the online side of the business. Kirsten Burke now sell a vast array of products from original artwork, prints, mugs and their world famous greeting cards.


Jess Hunter

With her background in creative writing, Jess is a key part of the team. She helps to write our calligraphy books, and manages the bookings for all our workshops and corporate events.


Julie Llewellyn

Julie loves a spreadsheet! She has been with us since we relocated to the South Coast. Her background in manufacturing and shipping means she loves looking after our accounts, invoicing, and making a list.