Finetec / Coliro - Ocean Colours - 6 pans / 30mm

Finetec / Coliro - Ocean Colours - 6 pans / 30mm

  • Contains the following replaceable colour tones:
    • Blue Pearl (Shimmer)
    • Green Pearl (Shimmer)
    • Blue Silver
    • Blue Green (Shimmer)
    • Moss Green
    • Midnight Blue

  • We feel that these inks are the best on the market and are certainly an essential tool for us in the studio. They give rich, intense and long lasting results.

  • These versatile colours can be used with a Dip Pen or a brush! You simply mix them with a little water to get the desired texture.

  • They are watercolour based and contain mica which is a naturally occurring mineral dust. This is mixed with gum Arabic to create a lightfast super shimmery opaque colour that looks absolutely gorgeous from your first stroke!

  • The best thing is that they never ruin and you can never add too much water. The water simply evaporates and the tablet returns to its solid form.

  • For tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your palette head to our helpful video on Youtube - Secrets of Modern Calligraphy No.9- Finetec

  • To start your calligraphy journey with Kirsten grab a copy of her best selling book and an 'Essential Kit' here:


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