Kids Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit

Kids Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit


Give your kids the gift of creativity.
This box of tricks will inspire any young person to put down their phones and pick up a pen. Turning lettering into artworks and greeting cards will get them hooked.

Everything they need is included in our lovely sturdy storage box. This set includes a universal calligraphy pen holder with pointed nib, coloured inks so you can blend with them, and a pencil to sketch out ideas. Also included is a lesson plan with guidance on how to get started, and a selection of cards, some with printed templates for you to ink over, and some plain to let your imagination run wild!

With the lesson plans and a practice pad by Rhodia which has super smooth paper, budding calligraphers will be creating beautiful letterforms before they know it.

Templates may vary.

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