I would have really appreciated an empathy card and it would have helped friends who were struggling to find the right words. An illness such as cancer affects not just the victim - there’s a ripple effect, with everyone else around the sufferer affected.  

kirsten burke

I am really excited to be launching my new range of empathy cards, and they are particularly special to me as they were inspired by my own personal experience with cancer.

First diagnosed with breast cancer aged 30, I have fought the disease three times, the last time in 2015. I have been lucky enough that each time, the cancer hadn't spread further and with the help of chemo, radiotherapy and numerous operations, I am in remission now. I feel well, am back at work, enjoying life again and looking forward to watching my two daughters grow up. I have also been lucky enough to have friends who took over organising my life while I got through my treatments.

Each time I was battling the disease, I noticed that friends who were genuinely concerned and wanted to help, sometimes struggled to express their thoughts. As a result they often ended up saying nothing and seemed to disappear from my life.

As a greeting card designer for the last 18 years, I took inspiration from my own experiences and decided to fill the gap. There are already sympathy and get well cards, but nothing for empathy, to let someone know you’re there, but are not sure what to say..

I hope you like the cards – they’re created with the hope that people following in my footsteps will find their path a little less lonely.