An Inspiring Artist's Studio

Downstairs we now run all our calligraphy workshops. It works so well, as we have everything to hand, the students love the space, and they can really concerntrate as there are no interuptions. We had pieces hung on the walls following the Chichester art trail, so we left some of those up to inspire!

We count oursleves very lucky to have such a inspiring workspace, and if you have booked to come on one of our workshops, or are planning to visit us on next years Chicester Art Trail, we look forward to showing you around in person.

While I keep myself busy creating lettering, teaching, and working on projects for big name clients like Jo Malone, it’s in my studio that I find my creativity comes alive. This once unloved Victorian Substation has been transformed by my business partner Jill, into a space that has style, space and most importantly for any artist, great light. With it's vaulted ceilings, vintage finishes and steel accents it really is a great space to be in. Join us for a tour.

A studio space is so important, it helps keep all those creative ideas flowing! It influences my work, and the way that I approach making my art. By spliting the upstairs part of the studio in two, I am able to spread out and be painterly at one end, creating large expressive pieces; while all the digital tasks, like emails and editing artwork take place at the other end of the room, away from any paint splashes. I have a large, photographers light box that I use all the time too. Placing pieces of work on top of each other, I can work out layouts and lettering styles. The lightbox shines light from underneath so that I can trace, refining the work I've done, until I have a piece I am completely happy with.

Kirri CasaliComment