Secrets of Modern Calligraphy


2017 has been such an amazing year for us and it is all due to calligraphy becoming more and more popular. Yes, you guys all want to learn how to do it, which is fantastic news for us! With our calligraphy workshops gaining a loyal band of students, as well as new people traveling far and wide to join us and learn how to create their own fabulous lettering with dip pen or brush. Excitment reached fever pitch when, unbeknown to us, a designer from a book publisher attended one of our worskhops, the next we go the call... did we want to write a book teaching modern calligraphy?


We, of course, jumped at the chance! Now we had the opportunity to inspire a love of lettering world wide, by making it accessible to everyone. We knew instantly that we wanted our book to be aimed at complete beginners, or those people that might have tried it once and felt defeated. We wanted our book to emulate the workshops that we run, taking the reader step by step through projects, so that at the end they have learnt the principles of lettering, plus made some wonderful work.

"I wanted this book to be very visual – lots of colour and photos but their purpose is to help you and guide you, to show you what the words are teaching you, to back them up. I’ve also taken advantage of technology and used QR codes where there are some more complicated skills to master, so that you can scan the code and see a video tutorial of me and copy what I’m doing, whether it’s putting in a nib or showing you how to sit and position yourself to make it easier for the nib to work. I guess its like a long distance workshop! My book is a workbook and I don’t want you to be afraid to make it messy by writing in it, so it has been designed specifically for that purpose." Kirsten Burke

Secrets of Modern Calligraphy

You follow the simple projects and learn the skills step by step, finishing with a pull out card that you complete so that by the end of the book you feel a real sense of accomplishment. Of course, the book is beautiful too with stunning photography throughout! The You Tube video tutorials were filmed by the wonderful Flutterby Films, so you can read their blog on the project here.

The idea is that all you need is the book, a pen holder, nib and some ink and you are off.

We get a real joy from learning this wonderful art form. We see how proudour students are at the end of a workshop when they leave with their own piece of calligraphic art. That is what we have recreated in 'The Secrets of Modern Calligraphy'.

"I get a real sense of accomplishment knowing that I am passing on my knowledge of calligraphy. I believe in it so passionately and all the benefits it brings." Kirsten Burke