Modern calligraphy practice pad

cat pad.jpg

It’s not always easy to find time to yourself, to be quiet and at peace. We know that taking time out is good for us, so why don’t we be like a cat and relax?!!

Doing calligraphy allows you to totally be in the moment, to become utterly absorbed in what you are working on, it’s not possible to think of anything else.


Part of the Secrets of Modern Calligraphy series, this modern calligraphy practice pad will keep you inspired and develop your love of lettering. With 3 different types of guidelines for you to fill with your own calligraphy and alphabet styles to copy, this practice pad is the perfect companion to Kirsten Burke's Secrets of Modern Calligraphy workbook. With tips, tricks and techniques from Kirsten Burke, you will have the chance to practise everything you've learnt in her book and start to create stunning projects for yourself, your family and friends.

Modern calligraphy practice pad completes our “Secret of..” series >>> You can get them all here