Public Art Projects

Kirsten Burke's modern and unique style of lettering adorns the walls of the most unexpected places. Here is a snap shot of our favourite projects.


St Mary's Church, Oxford

The book is a fixture at St Mary's Church, Oxford. It shows extracts from significant sermons by the likes of C S Lewis and Desmond Tutu, which Kirsten Burke turned into calligraphic artworks.

Completed 2012


Globe Theatre, London

Turning the life's works of William Shakespeare into a piece of art including how long each play took him to write, which theatre it was written for and historic information of the time, this mural gives a real insight into how prolific a writer he was.

Completed 1998


Loughs Agency, Derry

This 40m long, 6 metres high mural forms the interior wall of the exhibition centre. Developed to promote the work of the Loughs Agency, Derry a cross border organisation responsible for the conservation of the marine resources of Ireland.

Completed 1999


Bar Convent, York

The Grade 1 Listed eighteenth-century buildings house a state-of-the-art Exhibition. By developing a style inspired by Mary Ward's own handwriting, we were able to include her words throughout the exhibition in the most personal way.

Completed 2015